The COVID Effect: Starting a Biz in 2020

Trends are nothing new. Some fads last for months, some for seasons, and some for generations. But if anything will be said of 2020, it’s that coronavirus came to define every aspect of our lives. The entrepreneurial world is no exception. The Biz Kids who have put out their own shingles this year haven’t just done so in spite of coronavirus, but because of it.

Here are a few of the young entrepreneurs who’ve found novel solutions to novel problems, then turned those solutions into profitable enterprises. 

Foodski | Jetski Food Delivery

As Americans increasingly turn to the great outdoors for room to meet, mingle, and recharge, new needs are meeting them there. One Biz Kid noticed the need for food delivery on the water, and met it, on a jet ski no less.

Suds Up Soaps | Handmade Soap

Quarantine has brought boredom to many of us. 12-year-old Brielle Porter was no exception. But rather than sit around and sulk, Brielle turned her extra time into making soap for a friend. Crafting that gift was such a joy that she turned it into a business. Now, Suds Up Soaps are available in 12 styles and a range of scents.  

Image: Facebook | Suds Up Soaps
Image: Facebook | Suds Up Soaps

TogetherCard | Small Business Support

Small businesses have been badly hurt by stay home orders, health concerns, and recent wildfires. Many locals are interested in helping, but are looking for a way to do so. A 24-year-old entrepreneur built a platform that makes it simple to purchase gift cards from local small businesses, giving them cash while they need it. Its name? TogetherCard

Thread Club | Masks

What if you could manufacturer a product that the entire world suddenly needs and no one has? Such was the thinking behind one 17-year-old’s venture into mask-making. Rachel Moody has even turned her enterprise into an educational campaign, instructing people on when to wear a mask and how to sew their own. Check out her campaign at