Scooping Up Success: Ice Cream Entrepreneurs

One of the sweetest parts about being a young entrepreneur is the opportunity to turn a childhood passion into a profitable business. Case in point: ice cream. We’ve had the joy of featuring several ice cream entrepreneurs on Biz Kid$. If a quick glance at their profiles proves anything, it’s that ice cream doesn’t have to be sold in a store – or on land, for that matter.

In the words of Biz Kid Payson of Cape Code, Massachusetts, “Why settle for an ice cream truck when you can have an ice cream boat?”

For Mik of Mik Mart’s Ice Cream, selling ice cream isn’t actually his dream. Playing junior hockey is. Selling ice cream? That’s a (delicious) means to an end.

As perhaps the two most famous ice cream entrepreneurs of all time, Ben & Jerry need no introduction. But their Biography backstory is worthy of watching:

One type of ice cream entrepreneur that we hope to feature (and sample!) in the future? Ice cream delivery via drone.

So how about you, Biz Kid? What wild idea could you concoct to make ice cream sales anything but typical?