Now Hiring: Professional Monster

At Biz Kid$, we are constantly hearing of innovative, bright, creative kids making things happen in the world. Daz Henry is one of those kids, and we couldn’t help but share his story with you.

Daz is a seventeen-year-old from Atlanta who has been on the hunt for a new job. Among his many applications, Daz has applied at movie theatres, fast food restaurants, bookstores, and even…a haunted house.

For his interview at the haunted house, Daz had to prove his, well, fright factor. Yes, he had to scare his interviewer into hiring him. It worked, and Daz now spends his evenings as a monster, scaring the living daylight out of perfect strangers.

Daz’s process of getting hired was one of timeless lessons. He got a new, more professional email address, spruced up his resume, and sought out family and friends for input before submitting his resume to employers. Daz persevered through multiple interviews, countless applications, and a number of rejections before achieving his goal. Don’t give up, Biz Kid. Persevere! You will eventually be rewarded for your hard work.

Biz Kids, what is the most unusual job you have ever applied for?