Newsletter: July, 2010

Newsletter: July, 2010



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July 2010: You’ve Got a Job…Now What?
Looking for a job can be tough–but the real challenge starts after you land one! Do you know what it takes to make yourself a valuable employee?
Beyond the Basics 
It’s pretty obvious that you need to be on time, dress right for the industry, and do your job well. But just punching the clock isn’t that exciting–and it won’t always get you very far, either. Try going above and beyond once in a while and you might be rewarded.
  • Think outside the box: Look beyond your assigned tasks. Instead of thinking of your job as a defined list of tasks, look at what really needs to get done.
  • Roll up your sleeves: Instead of thinking of certain tasks as “beneath you,” think about how you can pitch in. Be creative with how you solve challenges. Of course, there are also times when it’s best not to rock the boat.
  • Learn from others: When you work with the same people day after day, it can be easy to see their flaws. Stay positive–you can learn from just about anyone.
Manage Your Boss
Your boss is in charge–but he or she is also just a person like you. It’s a two-way relationship.
  • Communicate early and often to let them know how things are going–especially if you’ve done something good they should know about. (Of course, you don’t want to be seen as an apple-polisher, either.)
  • A good relationship with the person who manages you is ultra-important to getting raises, promotions, and for those times you might need time off or other favors.
  • Want a raise? Make your boss look good to his or her boss.
Make a Contribution
If you really want to get noticed, find ways to increase profits or decrease costs. In a lot of jobs–especially those for young people–you don’t really have to think much about your place in helping the company succeed. But if you want to be a real Biz Kid, you’ll want to learn all you can.
Stay in Touch
Everybody faces a situation where they have to or want to move on from a job. How you leave is important. Even in states where it’s not required, it’s good to give your boss as much notice as possible that you’re leaving–at least two weeks; a month is even better. And even if you didn’t love your job, don’t burn your bridges–you’ll need references down the road to land that next big gig.
Know Your Rights
Going the extra mile can help you get ahead and make working more fun. On the other hand, employers can take advantage of people by making them work extra hours without pay–and that’s definitely against the law. Make sure you know your rights and know the facts–and know who to talk to if you’re being exploited, harassed, or otherwise experiencing a hostile work environment.
First Jobs of the Rich and Famous
Not only is this article funny, it demonstrates how some successful people carried lessons they learned at their first jobs through the rest of their careers.
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