The Vault December 2010: Weird and Wacky Businesses
Think outside the box…WAY outside!
Have an idea for a business but worried it’s too far-fetched? Well, check out some of the ventures profiled in this issue of The Vault from Biz Kid$. These entrepreneurs prove that with a little creativity and a lot of hard work, you can turn a crazy dream into a real money maker. Sometimes, an oddball idea is just something that nobody’s ever thought of before—which means you have the market all to yourself!
Entomological enterprise—eek!
Some people might find insects creepy, but Kenny finds them profitable. He breeds and sells lobster roaches as food for reptiles and amphibians. He can even provide specific sizes of roaches as customers request them. He wants to expand his business into selling geckos. Watch the video here:
Biz Kid$ tip: Customer service is the key to success, whether you’re selling cockroaches or cleaning houses.
Beautiful barbecue buggy
Kurt Beecher Dammeier owns an artisan cheese shop in downtown Seattle. After developing a barbecue recipe that wowed his employees, he decided to take it to the streets—literally. He had a local sculptor build him this amazing, one-of-a-kind steel hog from which to peddle his punchy pulled pork sandwiches. See the creation of this fine swine:
Biz Kid$ tip: Do what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Kurt’s sandwiches are good, but his truck is genius.
Profitably practiced prestidigitator
Abracadabra—Adam turns his talent into gold. Years of hard work have made him an accomplished magician despite his young age. He takes his act all over the place, from schools to hospitals to birthday parties, making people smile—and making his business burgeon. See Adam in action here:
Biz Kid$ tip: Find a way to turn what you love doing into a business—you’ll be a lot more successful.
Smashing stress success
Japanese chiropractor Katsuya Hara gives frustrated folks a chance to blow off some steam safely by smashing porcelain dishes in his mobile stress relief center “The Venting Place.” He even recycles the broken tableware. See the video:
Biz Kid$ tip: Find an unfulfilled need and you’ve got an instant business idea. This entrepreneur saw stressed-out city workers and came up with a creative way to help them. And, in his own small way, he’s making the world a better place!
More weird and wonderful businesses
From video game coaching to knife-throwing, here’s an article about 10 of the most interesting entrepreneurs around:
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