The Vault June 2012: 50 Ways to Make Money This Summer
Looking for a way to fund your summer fun? Even if you can’t (or don’t want to) get a “job job,” you can still make some cash. We’ve cooked up a list of 50 ways to do just that.
Every great business starts with an idea
What are you interested in? What are you good at?  What problems do you see need fixing in your world?  If you see a need for improvement somewhere, you can be certain that others do, as well. If you can find a solution, you’ll have a group of customers who will pay for your idea.
So where should you look to find the next big idea? Look in the mirror!  Are you a star on the basketball court, best chef in neighborhood, or organization master? Your area of expertise and passion is where you should start brainstorming. Search the list below for some inspiration, and you’ll be well you your way.
Video of the month
The Karimkhani sisters turned their passion for music into moutains of cash. See their story in our exclusive video here!
50 ways for kids to make money over the summer
1. Take pictures or videos of pets or kids or of an event such as a family reunion.
2. Use your computer skills for data entry or word processing.
3. Design brochures, posters, or websites.
4. Tutor other students in a subject you know well.
5. Teach music lessons.
6. Babysit or be a parent helper.
7. Teach swimming or be a lifeguard.
8. Pet sit.
9. Walk dogs.
10. Wash dogs.
11. Housesit or take care of plants.
12. Provide a cleaning service such as vacuuming and washing floors.
13. Organize garages, attics, drawers, and cabinets.
14. Wash cars, decks, houses, porches, windows, patios, and driveways.
15. Run errands.
16. Grocery shop, then carry and put away food.
17. Deliver newspapers.
18. Paint or stain houses, decks, rooms, fences, or furniture.
19. Mow lawns.
20. Entertain: be a clown, musician, or magician at kids’ birthday parties.
21. Collect and return bottles or cans that have a deposit.
22. Sell baked goods or homemade candy.
23. Make pet food.
24. Build, paint, and sell birdhouses.
25. Decorate and sell clothing.
26. Sell picture frames.
27. Design and sell greeting cards.
28. Create jewelry.
29. Make soap.
30. Make candles.
31. Grow starter plants for gardening.
32. Buy and sell used bikes or toys.
33. Open a lemonade stand.
34. Open soda stand.
35. Open a fresh juice stand.
36. Open a fruit stand.
37. Open a fishing bait stand and sell worms.
38. Sell items at a farmers’ market or craft fair.
39. Organize a yard sale for your neighborhood for a percentage of the proceeds.
40. Sell clothes through a consignment shop.
41. Write a newsletter or magazine to sell.
42. Sell used books, DVDs, or CDs to local stores or through a website with adult help.
43. Do laundry.
44. Do landscaping like planting flowers or trees.
45. Play music on the sidewalk.
46. Rent out your toys or comic books.
47. Collect lost golf balls.
48. Sew clothing or accessories.
49. Hunt for coins with a metal detector.
50. Wash cars.
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