The Vault, April 2012: Fashion Forward!
In our continuing quest to bring you the coolest business info around, this month we’re talking about the business of fashion including cool careers and amazing facts. So press those cuffs and polish those pumps as we delve into dressing up!
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The Biggest of the Big
Fashion is all about fun, but it can also be financially rewarding. Here are the top 5 U.S. apparel companies ranked in order of annual revenue:
1. Nike, $19 billion
2. VF, $7.7 billion
3. Polo Ralph Lauren, $5 billion
4. Phillips-Van Heusen, $4.6 billion
5. Levi Strauss, $4.4 billion
These companies have their headquarters here, but they don’t actually make much if any clothing in the U.S. In fact, according to ABC News, 98% of clothing sold in the U.S. is imported.
Making it in Magazines
Ever read a fashion mag? Ever wanted to WRITE one? Teen Vogue has some great tips for breaking into the biz, including how to land an internship and what kind of education you’ll need.Check it out here.
Cool Careers
What comes to mind when you hear “fashion career?” You probably think designer, model, maybe photographer…but there are a lot of cool careers in fashion behind the scenes.
1. Personal stylist: Have a great sense of style? Not everyone does. Personal stylists help busy executives, brides, moms, and more with their look and wardrobe.
2. Fashion buyer: These savvy individuals are literally setting fashion trends. They work for retail stores to find and purchase seasonal clothing lines. This career often involves national and international travel and can bring in more thatn $100,000 per year.
3. Fashion merchandiser: If you love fashion AND have a head for business, consider this career. Merchandisers analyze production costs, sales figures, and trends to help fashion companies make the right business decisions.
Style Has No Age Limit
Fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson started writing online when she was eleven years old and her unique insights quickly caught the world’s attention. Her parents thought she was wasting her time–until she asked them for permission to be in the New York Times! Read Tavi’s blog here.
Crazy Fashion Facts
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