The Vault December 2012
Because most of our readers keep up with us on social media (like our Facebook page), Biz Kid$ has decided to stop producing this monthly newsletter.
We’ve had a lot of fun telling readers about how to succeed in money and business–we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. Now we want to concentrate on making it a two-way conversation!
Never fear–in addition to the aforementionedFacebook page, you can catch up with Biz Kid$ on our website, and you can even watch full episodes of the show on Hulu!
Save 20% in our store!
To say “thank you” to our loyal readers, we are offering a 20% discount on any order from the Biz Kid$ store. Just load up your cart and enter discount code “vault” at checkout. Click here to visit the store.
Biz Kid of the Month
Sam Vrinios always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but he didn’t know his hobby of customizing video game controllers would turn into big business.
Since he started at age 13, he has sold more than 20,000 controllers worth $600,000. With 116,000 YouTube subscribers and 18,000 Twitter followers, Sam is using social media to the max.
What’s next for Sam? He wants to make a million dollars before he’s 16. Looks like he’s well on his way.
Visit the Imagine Customs website to see his creations–and maybe even get your own!
Three easy steps to Biz Kid success
If there’s one thing we hope readers have gotten out of The Vault, it’s that any kid can start a business, make money, and invest that money wisely.
Get It: Whether it’s baking cookies or washing a car, just get out there and start a business. That first simple step will get you thinking–and get you noticed.
Save It: Save, save, save! The sooner you get your money in the bank (or credit union), the more it will grow. As a kid, time is on your side–get compound interest working for you now.
Use It: Money is a resource–use it wisely. Avoid debt and invest your money where it can provide a return, whether that’s using it to grow your business or putting it in an interest-bearing savings account.
Once you get started, tell us how your business is doing at our Facebook page!
Build Your Social Biz and Win!
We’re searching the country for the best social business ideas from kids just like you.
If you want to start or build a biz that will help your community but need funding, now’s your chance.
You could win up to $3000 to put towards your new social biz, and be paired with a mentor from Ernst & Young LLP to kick things off!
The contest is open to new and existing businesses, and the deadline is December 31. Visit the contest website to enter and good luck!
Thank you to all of our subscribers and don’t forget to visit us at!


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