Andre Iguodala is best known as the 6’6″ forward for the Golden State Warriors. But if you think that sports consume his every moment, you’d be wrong.

Iguodala is among a growing contingent of athletes determined to redefine what it means to be an athlete–at least, how the role relates to money. Rather than blindly entrust his millions with a money manager, Iguodala is an active investor. His decision to play for the Golden State Warriors was made in part because it would put him close to the tech frenzy in Silicon Valley.

Today, he’s a regular presence in the board rooms of the country’s emerging enterprises.

His motto is an uncommon one in the era of instant stardom: “I’d rather be rich and not famous than to be famous and rich.”

The way Iguodala thinks about his wealth is what we call his “money personality.” We spent an entire episode exploring the different ways people think about money. Here’s one clip from that show (and a side of Oz you’ve never seen before.)

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