For grownups, “moonlighting” refers to a side business that occupies their time away from their primary day job. In other words, under the moonlight. For Biz Kids, moonlighting tends to be the only option. (School is really, really important, after all!)

With how vital side businesses are to the livelihood of a Biz Kid, it should come as no surprise that a website devoted to the concept recently caught our attention. Its name? Side Hustle Nation. The site is a collection of ideas for side businesses. Things like baking cupcakes, blogging, building websites, or cleaning carpets. Not all of them are realistic if you’re a teen (accounting, anybody?) but it’s a great place to get some ideas. If you have the drive to be a Biz Kid but need a nudge in the form of an idea, check it out.

Lots of the real teen entrepreneurs we’ve profiled over the years were “side hustling.” Here are a few of them:

Moonlighting on Broadway

Moonlighting as an Artist

Moonlighting as a Car Flipper