Meet the kid inventor of the White House’s Favorite Candy

When Alina Morse was seven years old, she had a sweet tooth. But she also knew that sweets weren’t good for that sweet tooth. That is, until she invented the Zollipop.


Zollipops are made with two different kinds of sweeteners, each selected for how they neutralize acid that result from eating and cause tooth decay. Simply put, Alina’s Zollipops prevent tooth decay rather than promote it. Now that’s innovation.

Three years later, Alina is an older and wiser ten-year-old who is reaping the benefits of her smart idea and savvy marketing. Last month, her product was served at the White House Easter Egg Roll, of all places. Oh, it was also the only candy served.


Her sweet success didn’t come easy. Her entrepreneurial journey has been one of risks, research, and generous giving.

You can read more about her $7,500 loan—and a call from Michelle Obama—in People Magazine.

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