Meet the Biz Kids Saving the Planet

Meet the Biz Kids Saving the Planet


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A woman is holding a small plant in her hands.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – an annual celebration of the planet we call home, and a reminder to do our part to protect her. At Biz Kid$, we’ve spent years chronicling the entrepreneurial ventures of young people around the world. Some of our very favorite stories have an additional layer to them – a green one. Here are a few of our favorite clips featuring young entrepreneurs (and a few hilarious sketch actors) who know what it means to protect planet Earth.

Sporting Sails

There’s still plenty of fun to be had from sails that have passed their boating life. These two brothers created a new sport out of old material. 

Green Day

Let’s face it: we’re a country of consumers. But all of that stuff doesn’t just disappear after we toss it out. You might call it a “Boulevard of Broken Things.” Cue the music! 

Back to the Roots

Think mushrooms couldn’t get any more sustainable? Try planting them in used coffee grounds. 

America’s Next Top Green Business

It’s the hit fashion show you’ve never heard of. Who will be America’s Next Top Green Business? 

Sweet Dissolve

Tiny amounts of waste add up. Sugar packets are a great example – and the latest category to be disrupted by an innovative Biz Kid.

 Ava Anderson Cosmetics

Ava Anderson was shocked by the ingredients in the cosmetics she used everyday. So she invented a line that was actually good for people and the earth.

Free Lesson Plan for Teachers

Looking to incorporate the concepts of green businesses into your curriculum? Our free lesson plan includes activities, vocab, and more!

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