Making the Most of Days at Home

As the world goes to great lengths to stop the viral spread of the coronavirus, the spread of its impact goes on with gusto. Schools are shuttering, restaurants are removing their tables, and flights are being canceled by the dozen. There’s no way around it: we are living in uncertain times. But we also know this: amidst every uncertainty lies opportunity. So the question for teens and their parents today is this: what opportunities lie before me now?

Warren Buffett says, “be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy only when others are fearful.” The Oracle of Omaha isn’t talking about literal greed, but the pursuit of opportunity. To see to the anxious departure of others as a window for entry. 

What’s possible today that wasn’t conceivable a month ago? Plenty. 

The Gift of Time

For a student in Washington, New York, or the other states whose schools have shut their doors and transitioned to online learning, one of life’s most valuable assets has just been handed to them: time. Think of the amount of time saved by not going to school. The time devoted to morning showers, outfit selection, lunch packing, and transportation. The time devoted to passing periods, after school practices, and evening games. The sacrifices are clear. But so is the chance to do something—create something—with the time you suddenly have in droves. So what’s an ambitious teen to do? We have some ideas.

Getting Entrepreneurial

No, this is not the time for exploitation. (As one young entrepreneur who attempted to sell hand sanitizer at school learned the hard way.) But it is a good time to put your ideas on paper, turn concepts into prototypes, and use your time to make a plan. If an invention has been swirling in your head for years, use your extra hours (and mandated focus) to take a few steps toward bringing it to fruition. Don’t have an idea, but want to make some extra dough? 

Consider what’s in high demand. One idea: delivery drivers. As people have their restaurant orders, groceries, and pharmacy items delivered—often for free—the need for drivers has skyrocketed. Have your license? You could be in luck. 

Learn to Grow Your Dough

Yes, financial literacy can be learned. And there’s plenty to learn from millionaires and young entrepreneurs who’ve gone before. Our new course, “How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000,” is an interactive course that incorporates our most engaging (and yes, hilarious) video content with a load of new material, vibrant graphics, and inspiring activities.


Based off of and named after our best-selling book, How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000,” from Workman Press, the course teaches teens how to make, manage, and grow their money. The self-guided format allows each teen to work their way through the materials at their own pace.

As an encouragement to turn today’s lemons into lemonade, we’re giving our readers a special discount: $10 off either the basic or premium course.

What the future holds is uncertain. But one thing that’s certain is it’s never a bad idea to use your time wisely.