Lemonade? Nope. Yeezys for sale!

Lemonade? Nope. Yeezys for sale!


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A lemonade stand with children in front of it.

Yeezys! Get your ice cold Yeezys here! Say what?!

Such was the message (and reaction) in small towns across middle America a few weeks ago, when Kanye West’s wildy popular shoes were released for sale not online, not in high end boutiques, not in sneaker shops, but at lemonade stands. Run by kids. In small towns.

The wild idea was undoubtedly a Kanye brainchild, but the salespeople were something else: actual children.

The marketing stunt wasn’t a greedy one. All proceeds were donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

As with every great idea, there’s something to learn. Here: think outside the box. Just when you think there’s only one was to do something is precicely when another way just might win the day (and go trending on Twitter.)

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