Yes, you read that correctly: Season SIX of Biz Kid$ has begun airing around the country. The Biz Kid$ series is now 71 episodes strong, with topics ranging from credit to entrepreneurship and taxes. We’ve profiled hundreds of real-life young entrepreneurs, filmed dozens of hours of sketches, and even our share of music videos.

Season 6 keeps up the fun—and the education—with six brand new episodes on the hottest topics in money and business:

601 – How to Turn $100 Into $1 Million

602 – College Bound?

603 – Give Yourself Some Credit!

604 – Money Grows On Trees

605 – Can Money Buy Happiness

606 – The Road to Financial Freedom


To find out when Biz Kid$ airs in your town, use our airtime search tool.

Can’t wait until air? Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes from our taping.