Break the Bank Update!

game-characters-mr-boar Hi Kids, a few of you have defeated me and restored your community bank! You have gotten good and mastered the art of earning interest! Well now, i’ve gained more power over global interest rates! If you wait too long, your interest rate will go down! Keep trying, you’ll never defeat me now.

– Mr. Boar

Mr. Boar is back for a new season of break the bank! We’ve fixed a few bugs and updated a few items too! The fire and gold hammer now have special attacks! We added some helpful hints and guides into the game for those of you that had trouble getting started.

Congratulations to every BizKid who made it to the high score list! Those on the list took real advantage of their savings interest rate and we’re able to earn into the billions! We fixed up the scoring a bit so you can’t go infinite by stalling the game. Who will lead the high score list now?

We’ll be back soon with a how to play video as well! Let us know what you think of the update or any new ideas in the comments or on the game page comments.