The following is a guest Q&A with Lala Hayes, owner of “Go Loopy with Lala!”


Tell us about your business.

My business is Go Loopy with Lala!  It’s based on my artistic passions: balloon twisting, face painting, and balloon decor. I soon hope to add additional entertainment options for my clients to choose from.

What inspired you?

I was inspired by balloon twisters at restaurants. I’ve always loved balloons and watching the way they’re used to create different animals. So when I saw a balloon twisting kit for $3 at a local grocery store, I had to try it.  I used some of my allowance to purchase the kit and began twisting away. My mom thought I did a great job, and that I was blessed with a special talent we weren’t aware of. We then went to a craft store and purchased a large bag of twisting balloons and a pump. I started twisting balloons at friends’ parties and started to make money. I then began trying out face painting and balloon decor when several clients requested it. I love to please my clients!

What challenges have you faced?

One challenge I faced was understanding how to manage money.  I had to get a business account in order to accept and make payments. I found it helpful to make a spreadsheet to keep track of what I earned, customer information, and events they hired me for. I also use that same spreadsheet to help me remember details about the event and the money I’m spending on products and advertisement.

How did you fund your launch?

In the beginning of my business venture, I used a small portion of my savings to purchase better products, my costume, tables, and advertising tools such as business cards, shirts and flyers.

How does your business overlap with your other life goals?

My goal is to use the money I earn to pay for college. I want to become a veterinarian because I love animals and want to help them feel better. I’ll continue to twist balloons because it makes people feel better–including myself! I love creating smiles; that’s my job! I enjoy contributing to and serving the homeless in my area. I would also like to be able to contribute even more for those in need of food, clothing, and shelter.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Biz Kids?

My advice to young entrepreneurs is to be yourself and embrace your talents.  Focus on something that brings happiness to you and others. It’s also crucial to manage money, so seek help from loved ones that understand your vision. Always focus on your goal. And once you reach it, make a new goal. Don’t give up!

Who has helped you along the way?

My mom helped me get started with my business and has supported me along the way. She helps me improve myself and my business. What a true blessing she’s been to me!

Where can we learn more?

Visit Go Loopy with Lala‘s official Facebook page here.