Our friend and former Biz Kid profile Eli, a high school student in Seattle, has an update for us! Inspired by his cousin and her struggle with dyslexia, he is creating learn-to-type software built from the ground up for kids with dyslexia. “Dyslexi-type” uses dyslexic-friendly fonts and other features.

If you have or know a child with dyslexia, please have them try a test-version of the software for a few minutes on-line by clicking here, and then filling out a feedback form when they log out. Nothing is downloaded onto your computer; it is accessed purely in the cloud.

Eli’s goal is to get 100 kids with dyslexia to try the software by the end of the school year, so please pass this along to any friends or family members who may be interested.

To learn more about Eli and the features of Dyslexi-type, please visit his website www.dyslexitype.org or read this article.