Biz Kid$ Host Kaelon on Moving Out!

Hey Bizkids! It’s Kaelon, writing from Los Angeles. Well moving out is upon me, and it’s amazing how many little steps go into getting your own place.  Not only did I need to pay the first months rent of $1025, but also a $1000 deposit for potential damages to the apartment over the year.  Then I called the electric company and set up electricity in my name, as well as the gas company.  The electric company needed a $200 deposit for services because I have very little credit and I have never had an account with them.  Also, I’ll need to pay for internet which is another $30 per month.  I’ve decided not to pay for cable to save money, and luckily the water and hot water are paid for, so that’s one thing I don’t need to worry about.  So just to move in, it cost me $2255.  Whew!  Quite a little chunk of change.  Hopefully I won’t run out of money before the first month!