An Unbeatable Equation: Girl Power + Entrepreneurship

The headline immediately grabbed our interest: “8 Under 18: The Young Trailblazers Stepping Up During the Pandemic.” The article, published by Forbes, is an excellent piece of writing and a worthy celebration of talented biz kids. The profiles include grocery store-shopping robots, virtual basketball coaching, and 3D-printed face shields, all pioneered by impressive kid entrepreneurs. The only problem? Out of 8 tycoons, there was only one mention of a girl. As for the lone girl, she happened to be the sister of one of the other entrepreneurs.

Rather than waste time and ink complaining about the absence of female young entrepreneurs in the article, allow us to put forth the solutions: a collection of some of the most impressive young entrepreneurs we’ve met.

They just so happen to be girls.

Beta Bytes: Focused On Exchange Rates

Immigrants, techies, and biz kids through and through — meet Beta Bytes.

Ava Anderson: Going Green

Ava noticed a glaring absence in the cosmetics industry: natural ingredients. What came next launched her on a path to success.


You may know her from High School Musical, but actress Cymphoniuqe is quite the entrepreneur, and her social network is spreading courage among young girls.

Dolly’s House of Fashion

She’s a fashion designer and a money manager all in one. Welcome to Dolly’s House of Fashion.


Cooking can made a good living. Teaching cooking? Even better. But selling online courses about teaching cooking? Now that’s a business model with scale.

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