4 Genius Ways to Use Biz Kid$ in the Classroom

Biz Kid$ has long had a close relationship with educators around the world, and for good reason. We know that what we do goes only as far as its ultimate reach. Teachers have the power to turn financial concepts into life-changing financial freedom for students. Here are four ways to bring Biz Kid$ into your classroom.

  1. Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans have been carefully mapped to state and national standards, are 100% free, and offer printable worksheets of money-minded vocabulary and thought-provoking questions.

  1. Emmy-Winning Video Clips

Looking for a 5-minute dose of entrepreneurial inspiration? Look no further. Consult our catalogue of young entrepreneur profiles, check out our dozens of sketches and “direct ed” hosted clips, or browse our YouTube channel for curated playlists.

  1. Classroom Activities

Practice makes perfect. Give your students some practice being a Biz Kid with our free business plan guide and template and catalogue of other activities.

  1. Piggy Bank Hunt

Ready to think big? Involve your entire school in a treasure hunt using Biz Kid$ video clips and custom worksheets. Some schools have worked with local credit unions to sponsor prizes and get involved with the families they serve.

A word from one of our sponsors: David Kezerashvili

As an entrepreneur and startup investor, my main goal is not to look for the most attractive investment opportunity but rather to look for a good business partner, someone I can trust will bring my investment to success. Bizkids has consistently proven to be exactly that and investing in young entrepreneurs through classroom tools is an investment in the future.” (David Kezerashvili)