Mr. Boar Took Over!

You work at a community bank, helping customers get good loans and save for their future. Mr. Boar and his clerks from a payday loan company have infiltrated your bank! They want to take over and profit from making bad loans to unsuspecting customers. Rally the troops to stop them! Defeat Mr. Boar and his blue minions to win back the bank!

Build your savings and manage debt to save your bank!

Or, you'll lose to Mr. Boar's Pay Day Loan company and have to work for him!


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Build your savings and manage debt to save your bank!

Or, you'll lose to Mr. Boar's Payday Loan company and have to work for him!

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Activate Your Pigs!

Click on your pink pig and use the green squares to move.

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Attack and Earn!

Click any red square to hit your opponent and earn money. Watch out, if you get hit, you go into debt.

4 / 7

Pay Your Debt!

Click make a payment to pay down your debt. $100,000 in debt and you lose!

5 / 7

Buy New Pigs!

If all your pigs break, you lose! Don't worry, you can buy new pigs in the store!

6 / 7

Buy Hammers!

More expensive hammers are more powerful. But watch how much you spend!

7 / 7

Defeat Mr. Boar!

Use all the smarts and tools you have! Don't be afraid to go into debt to get a great hammer… just pay it back soon!

Winning and Losing

Move to the next level by breaking all the blue banks. You win if you can defeat Mr. Boar and break all the blue banks on his level. You lose if you get $100,000 in debt or lose all your banks.

Take Turns Battling to Save the Bank

On your turn you can do one of the following:

  • Move a pink bank
  • Attack a blue bank
  • Buy a new bank
  • Buy a new hammer
  • Make a payment on your debt

Move and Attack!

Select a pink pig and move it to one of the green spaces highlighted around the pig. After you move, one of Mr Boar's blue pigs will move. When a blue pig is close enough to attack, its space is highlighted in red. Click on a red space to attack that pig. After you make an action the blue pigs will take a turn.

Each time your move or attack interest is added to your savings and your debt! Break all the blue pigs to get to the next level.

Buy New Items!

Click on STORE to buy new pigs or hammers.

You can even buy stuff you can't afford! You'll just go into debt so be sure to pay it back soon! Try starting off with a good hammer and then try to pay back your debt right away.

Buy New Hammers

You can upgrade your hammer to make better attacks and earn more money. Select a pig on your team and click the STORE button then click a hammer button to equip the current pig with that hammer.

buying a new hammer also heals that pig!

Buy New Pigs

You can increase your team and buy more pigs. Click on the STORE button and then a pink pig to add that pig to your team.

Be sure to buy a new pig when you're down to just one pig left!

Savings and Debt

Each hit will increase your savings, but be careful — getting hit by blue pigs will add to your debt!

Click the ‘Make a payment' button at the top of the screen to pay down your debt.

If you get $100,000 in debt it's game over! Unpaid debt can quickly get out of control so take a turn to pay your debt every few turns. If you stall too much without attacking you can lose your savings interest rate! Your savings interest can go up if you keep a good debt to credit ratio!

Collect Coins

When a pig breaks it will leave coins on the ground. Move to the coins to increase your savings. Picking up coins will also restore your pig's health!

Defeat Mr. Boar!

Defeat Mr. Boar to win back the bank! Your total savings minus your debt will be your final score. Save your score on the high score list and try again! Remember to pay down your debt and only buy what you need to get the most points possible.

Tips & Strategy

  • Be sure to use the make payment button!
  • Be sure to use the store to upgrade, and don't be afraid to start off with some debt!
  • Try buying a lightning hammer to start and then try to pay it back soon.
  • Lighting hammers can target blue pigs 2 spaces away!
  • Try to break the greatest threat first, if you see blue pig with a lighting hammer try to break it or get out of range!
  • If you're close to a blue pig and low on health, move onto some coins or buy an new hammer to fully heal!
  • If you only have one pig left and might be attacked next turn be sure to buy a new pig!
  • Remember that lightning hammers can break classic pigs in one hit! Gold and and diamond hammers can break iron pigs in one hit! Nothing can break a gold or diamond pig in one hit!


Stone Hammer

Every pig starts with a stone hammer.

Cost: FREE

Damage: 50

Earn per hit: $150

Fire Hammer

Fire hammers also hit all enemy pigs next to the target!

Cost: $1,000

Damage: 50

Earn per hit: $200

Lightning Hammer

Lightning hammers target a pig up to one space away!

Be careful of blue pigs with lightning hammers!

Cost: $2,000

Damage: 100

Earn per hit: $300

Gold Hammer

Gold hammers hit all adjacent enemy pigs!

Cost: $5,000

Damage: 150

Earn per hit: $450

Diamond Hammer

Lightning hammers target a pig up to one space away!

Cost: $10,000

Damage: 200

Earn per hit: $600

Piggy Banks

Classic Pig

Cost: $1,000

Health: 100

Drops: $100

Iron Pig

Cost: $2,000

Health: 150

Drops: $200

Gold Pig

Cost: $5,000

Health: 250

Drops: $500

Diamond Pig

Cost: $10,000

Health: 350

Drops: $1,000

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