Jeannine Glista to lead brand update with new partnerships, tools, podcast and book.

SEATTLE, WA – September 22, 2022

Biz Kid$ LLP recently announced the promotion of Jeannine Glista as new managing partner, along with plans for a brand revitalization.

Jeannine is bringing new life to Biz Kid$, aggressively refreshing the brand,” said James McKenna, who, along with Erren Gottlieb, are partners and co-executive producers of the original multi-award-winning public television series.

Biz Kid$ is the financial literacy initiative championed by the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), and supported by a broad coalition of America’s Credit Unions. Jeannine Glista, MBA, is adamant about the need for early teaching of financial basics she believes it should be a mandatory classroom curriculum.  McKenna and Gottlieb are best known as co-creators and executive producers of the acclaimed, multi-award -winning, Disney Presents Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Glista’s leadership in revitalizing the brand is well-timed, with many states passing new financial education curriculum mandates for schools.  Dynamic updates include increased access to Biz Kid$ educational assets for teachers, families and credit unions, along with refreshing the best-selling book, “How to turn $100 into $1,000,000 (Hachette Book Group), scheduled for release in early 2024.  Glista is also leading the redevelopment of the Biz Kid$ web platform; with new Biz Kid$ stories for teachers and credit unions, games, a podcast and new teaching tools.  Biz Kid$ financial education assets and tools are available free to teachers, including off-air record rights for the entire public television series.

The change in management of Biz Kid$ comes with the retirement of former partner, Jamie Hammond. “I’m so incredibly excited to move the Biz Kid$ brand into the digital age,” said Glista.  “During my transition to managing partner, I’ve heard from teachers, credit unions, our book publisher and series distributors that there is high demand for a revitalized Biz Kid$ brand. “Seventy-one episodes of Biz Kid$ air across America on both public and commercial television stations as part of the continued Federal Communications Commission mandate of providing quality E/I programming.  The E/I symbol assures viewers the program meets FCC requirements for educational and informational kids’ programming.  Awards include two national Emmy© Awards (12 nominations), two Parents’ Choice Awards, a Silver Telly Award, and an Environmental Media Award.

Glista is also leading a co-development partnership discussion with Jamie Strayer, Creator and Executive Producer of Opportunity Knock$, a new series premiering on PBS stations and streaming in November. Starring Jean Chatzky, Opportunity Knock$ is a reality empowerment series featuring the participation of nonprofits, credit unions and CDFIs. Biz Kid$ and Opportunity Knock$ cross-over promotion creates end-to-end, full-family financial empowerment and new outlets for the promotion of Biz Kid$.

“Jeannine’s leadership is a smart move for Biz Kid$,” said Strayer, who worked with Glista on the creation of Biz Kid$. “I see great things happening that increase the presence of both brands and their positive impact on families.”

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