PARENT TIP: Tell your teen to get the 411 on cell phone charges!

Do you still pay for your teen’s cellphone bill?  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal says “more than 2 in 5 parents of 18-to-35 year old adult children still pay for their kids’ cellphone service.” 78% of teens … read more

Young entrepreneur follows her passion

When starting a business it’s important to follow your passion — even if you’re just 12 years old.  Isabella, one of the founders of Creative Doodle Kids, says she tried several business ideas but nothing seemed to stick.  Then she … read more

Win $4000 with! has a great way to win some moula for college.  What’s the craziest thing you did to save your greenbacks?  Submit your story about your money-saving scheme and you will be entered to win a $4,000 scholarship (so you don’t … read more

Parent Tip: Why’s the DOW so high?

Investors are feeling giddy and that enthusiasm recently pushed the Dow Jones Industrial Average to new heights.  When your teen starts following the stock market, he or she will hear about indexes including the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite. … read more

It’s never too late to start a business!

89-year old Grandma’s startup on Kickstarter:

4 things young entrepreneurs need to know about the JOBS act

Want to start a business, but have no capital?  It won’t matter when the JOBS Act kicks in — new rules will help entrepreneurs sell equity through crowd funding:

Parent Tip: Think Big, But Not Too Big – Explaining Market Cap to Young Investors

It’s not the big kids who always win on the field and the same holds true for the plays investors make in the stock market. While market cap is a measure of how much a company is worth, it is … read more

12 year old saves Grandma’s house from foreclosure

Check out Noah’s Dream Catcher Network, built by a budding 12-year old philanthropist.  Noah’s goal is to help people help each other.  Last year he even raised over $10,000 to prevent his Grandma’s home from being foreclosed.  Now that boy … read more

Parent Tip: What to do when your kid invents something cool?

Explaining Patents to Kids: Sometimes parents underestimate their kids’ ideas.  But you never know if they could be the next Alexander Graham Bell, Ben Franklin, or……… Frank Epperson! Who is Frank Epperson? He is an 11-year old boy who invented … read more

Why humor can be an entrepreneur’s best resource….

The co-founder of OrigAudio lets viewers in on the top business lessons he’s learned along with key tips on how to stand out amid stiff competition.  Check out his video  

What’s YOUR credit score?

If you’ve paid off your credit card DON’T cancel your card!  It can actually hurt your credit score.  Ya….who knew??  So how do they calculate your credit score anyway?  Here’s an inside tip:

Snap Caps featured on SharkTank

We are so proud that our profile M3 Girl Designs, who make Snap Caps, secured investment by THREE of the sharks on SharkTank: