In a matter of hours, financial literacy month will come to a close. The confetti may be swept away, but the lessons learned will remain. Another thing that will remain? The savings. Especially if you’re a middle schooler from Seattle.

On Tuesday, Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson and his Grammy-winning wife Ciara made a virtual appearance at Denny Way International Middle School to share some good news (and five figures of goodwill).

The power couple celebrated financial literacy month by sharing of their financial insights – and a sampling of their financial successes. Nearly 900 students were given $40 in seed money with which to start a savings account. The only catch? They can’t access the funds until they turn 18.

Getting in the habit of savings is just that — a habit. If you practice a lifestyle of spending everything you earn, or spending more than that, it will be a hard habit to stop. Likewise, if you get in the habit of saving a percentage of your earnings each month, you’ll create be well on your way to creating a nest egg.

Thanks to Russell Wilson and Ciara, 900 middle-schoolers have just started to build a savings habit of their own, and you could be next. Looking for some handrails as you begin your savings habit? Check out our dedicated page devoted to Saving & Investing! Or check out our Saving & Investing “Best of Biz Kid$” bundle on Vimeo, or our Saving and Investing for Your Future episode at

Bottom line: take it from a Super Bowl and Grammy winner: saving is cool.