The Cost of College: $0?

The medical school at NYU announced this week that it was making tuition freefor all students, regardless of financial situation or merit. If that sounds like a big deal, it is. Tuition at the school has been more than $55,000 … read more

College: Profitable or Not?

A new report from MSN Money made us stop and think this morning: “The 50 Top Ranked Colleges that Pay off the Least.” Talk about a downer. The report dug into public data to compare the average wages earned by … read more

Landing That Summer Job

Summer is a time of swimming pools, lemonade stands, and sleeping in. But it’s also a fabulous opportunity to make some money and learn a few new skills. Landing the ideal summer job requires a bit of searching, a willing … read more

How to Get a Job…In the Future

If today’s “gig economy” seems like a new chapter in American work, it sure is. And at the same time, it’s nothing new. The American job market has had drastic changes over its 241-year life. In fact, the word sabotage … read more

Two Words for Nailing Any Job Interview

Let’s face it: job interviews are intimidating. A stranger peppers you with questions while you try to win them over with with stories of responsibility, ingenuity, and some good ole’ manners. Good news. We recently learned of a simple acronym … read more

Biz Kid Guide: How to be a Pro

So you want to be a pro, but you’re not sure if you’ve got what it takes? Don’t fret, Biz Kid. We’ve done the legwork for you, and collected the best advice to make a first impression and create repeat … read more

Second Chances

Poverty to jail to success. When Coss Marte was growing up, drugs were everywhere. His family was poor, dressing him in his sisters’ hand-me-downs to save money. His ultimate dream was to become rich—to break the cycle of poverty that … read more

Lessons in Success from a Shark

…Tank Coach, that is. Daymond John is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of the hit brand FUBU, a consultant to cultural icons including the Kardashian family. Oh, and he’s a Shark–a judge and investor on the reality show, Shark Tank. He recently … read more

Catching Up With Biz Kid$ Host Austin

Today’s post comes from guest blogger and former Biz Kid$ host Austin Siedentopf. Hey there Biz Kid$, Not too long ago I had to make a really tough decision, but taking control of my personal finances made the decision much … read more

The Most Important 6 Seconds of Your Job Search

In a job market like ours today, news about job hunting, resume building, and interview preparation are rampant. But a recent article caught our eye this week that made us think about resumes, and the competition that job seekers have … read more

It’s a Job to Get a Job!

Resumes, applications, and interviews, oh my! Hunting for your first job is a feat in itself, and it pays to be prepared. Biz Kid$ Season 5 has just begun to air around the country, and one of our new episodes, … read more

Your Dream Job is Closer than You Think

We all have dream jobs. Perhaps you want to be an astronaut, or a movie star, or the President of the United States. Chances are, when you dream about the career you wish you had, you think it’s impossible. But … read more