Saving & Investing

Now that you have money, what are you going to do with it? Make more money with it, of course! Learn about the many different places you can put your money, and how to make wise investments. Get going Biz Kid — it’s time to grow that dough.

What They'll Learn:

saving and investing, financial planning, financial markets, compound interest.

How to turn $100 into $1,000,000
Most people say 'yes' even though their actions say 'no'. Don't be one of those people! Biz Kid$ will show you how you can develop your MDM (Million Dollar Mindset), maximize saving strategies, and...
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Bulls, Bears and Financial Markets
Kids and bulls and bears, oh my! The Biz Kid$ examine stocks, bonds, commodities, and the markets where each of them are traded. You'll discover various ways young people can get involved with the...
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Saving and Investing for Your Future
You’ll learn along with the Biz Kid$ about the power of starting a savings plan early in life. You’ll also discover various savings and investing options available to young people. See what a pro...
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How to Achieve Your Financial Goals
Join us and you’ll learn how to track your expenses, get control of your spending, and invest what’s left over to reach your financial goals. You’ll see the importance of starting young, while...
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It's a complicated world and there are many ways you can be taken advantage of or cheated.  Learn how to recognize a scam, and how to protect yourself from identity theft, online fraud, pyramid...
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