We have a winner!

GRAND PRIZE: Congrats to EZDollarz who wins the Biz Kid$ ‘Build Your Social Biz’ contest, sponsored by Ernst & Young LLP. They win $3,000 and mentoring to help take their idea to the next level.

FIRST RUNNER UP: Water Express wins $1,500 and mentoring.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Sweet (dis)SOLVE, Typesite for Dyslexics, & Glasses for Classes all win $500 and mentoring.

Thanks to all who participated in the contest! Keep on making a difference in your community.


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Social Issue: Lack of basic money skills

EZDollarz is a program that teaches money management skills to kids 12 years and under, using a cart throughout five neighborhoods.

"We have found that many of the youth in our local communities have not been taught how to manage money. Some of them struggle with even counting change. When we started our business, EZDollarz three years ago, we noticed that our customers lacked basic money math skills. We decided to go back into those same neighborhoods to teach money manage to youth 12 and under."

What's a Social Biz?

Social entrepreneurs see a need in their community and fix it by starting a business – the social biz. They take all, or some of, the profits and use the money to effect a social change – either social, cultural, or environmental. The social biz is not just a fundraising vehicle – it's an actual business that makes $$$. You can have a social biz just by selling cookies, cleaning homes, walking dogs, and more.

Here are examples of some social businesses: