Biz Kid$ Latest Young Millionaires

When Entrepreneur magazine’s “Young Millionaires” issue his newsstands recently, we had to do a double-take.

Among the shining faces of impressive business people under the age of 20 were a few faces familiar to any fan of Biz Kid$.

First up: Zollipops’s brilliant Alina, who had the idea for a more teeth-friendly lollipop at the ripe of of 7. Her business is thriving, with more than 7,500 stores carrying her candy and more than $5 million in revenue expected to come in this year.

Also on the list: Moziah of Mo’s Bows! Now 16 years old, Moziah recently signed a contract with the NBA to create custom bowties for each team.

We couldn’t be more proud of our Biz Kids, but their profiles aren’t all Entrepreneurhad to share. Stories of other impressive teen entrepreneurs had our jaws dropping. Check out their full article to read all about more incredible kids turning their ideas into action across the planet.

Looking for more stories of ambitious young entrepreneurs? Check out our profile library, chock full of documentary-style videos chronicling the successes of real-life Biz Kids.

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