Biz Kid on the Go: Kaelon on Budgeting

KaelonĀ talks about the importance of budgeting.

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  • Gretchen Soetebier says:

    I have just discovered your show, and this episode has a “payroll” segment… Please let your audience know that EMPLOYERS pay 1/2 of all Social Security and Medicare… or in-other-words, they match employee deductions to FICA. America has forgotten that Employers pay many, many $ on behalf of their people. If you use a Payroll Service, you may not know this. And for most small businesses, you do NOT need a Payroll Service. I recommend you do your own payroll to understand it. Once your business grows, you can send it off to a service. Good Luck!

  • Debt Helper says:

    Love the 3-6 month saving rule, Kaelon! Keep up the good work here. -Ricky